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Since our promising 2020 of touring crashed to a halt on March 13, here’s what the boys have been up to.

Ranger Doug: working on a new book, a biography of Carson Robison, a brilliant star of early country and western music who is pretty much forgotten today. The Ranger has also found time to write half a dozen songs, create and record new episodes of the award winning Sirius/XM radio show “Classic Cowboy Corral,” deliver meals to the homeless, and appear as The Yodeling Lifeguard at his local YMCA. And oh yes, and he also got married.

Woody Paul: The King of the Cowboy Fiddlers has established himself as the Mole Man, the premier mole hunter of Northeast Davidson County. When not battling the subterranean rodents in his neighborhood, he’s fixing lawnmowers, weed whackers, chain saws, and dreaming up new fiddle melodies and rhythms which no-one can understand. He’s feasting on his new wife Lisa’s cooking and declares he’s “the happiest I’ve been my whole life."

Joey the Cowpolka King: currently keeping the surgical community in northern Ohio fully employed. Hopefully he’ll be able to strap on his squeezebox in 2021 and blow us all away again with his mastery, taste, touch, and boundless good humor. He recently hosted Ranger Doug and Side Meat for three days of radio production. He also has time to enjoy his wife’s chickens, the neighbor’s horse, and his yapping dog. 

Too Slim: one COVID blessing has been Mr. Slim’s availability to spend many days shepherding his grandsons through virtual Middle and Elementary school. He also reports he’s read “Ulysses,” adopted tai chi and Xigong, and accompanied Side Meat to the Polka Palace Recording Spa. He also labors on “a new joke, which I hope to roll out in 2021.”

Band Milestones: we celebrated our 43rd anniversary in November—the appearance tally now at 7,547. We also capped our 38th year of Grand Ole Opry membership by remaining a socially safe seventeen miles from the Opry House. We’re looking forward to a healthy and happy 2021 and rolling up our big sleeves and doing what we do best: Put on a show!

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