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Tour Bus Topples, Holiday Spirit Continues

Dec 23 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Christmas the Cowboy Way 2016 was a mighty fine tour full of western wit, Yuletide favorites and high-yodeling holiday celebration. But early this morning, as the Riders headed home from an extensive twenty days on the trail, a treacherous patch of Colorado black ice had other plans.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and after taking inventory of all basses, cac-ties and tour managers, all valuables remain unscathed.

“I wish the same could be said for the bus,” said master navigator Woodrow, staring at the now sideways bus. “But I think I can fix it.”

“Give it your best shot,” suggested a less-than-convinced Too Slim, “and let’s hope Christmas miracles cover questionable mechanic work.”

With a generously stuffed U-Haul and a sturdy rental car to haul it, the Riders are back on the trail and headed home. Safe travels to all this holiday weekend, and Merry Christmas!

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