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Riders In The Sky Encounter Actual Celebrity

Dec 12 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Star-Crossed Trails: an actual encounter with an actual celebrity!

“I fulfilled a lifelong dream when I got to meet Mr. Santa Claus after our show at the Cheyenne Civic Center last week,” remembers a still glowing Too Slim.

“I told him I was a huge fan, and that my parents had brought me up with him, and that I loved his work. He seemed pleased, and even chuckled, especially when I gave him my CacTie. His belly in fact DID shake a little! A real normal kind of guy, it turns out. None of that show business, elfin, sainthood malarkey. We shook hands, posed for a Mrs. Claus photo, and went our separate ways: me to a mechanically challenged motor home, and he to the doggone North Pole. Merry Christmas, Santa! Good luck on this year’s spin around the globe!”

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