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Thanks, Western Music Association!

Nov 22 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

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The Western Music Association tribe gathered last night in Albuquerque, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first WMA conclave.

"Every artist on the show was there 25 years ago," enthused bass boinger Too Slim. "And looking at us all in the unforgiving spotlight, I couldn't help thinking: 'The years have been kind.'"

Gary McMahanRex Allen Jr, Liz Masterson, Rusty Richards, Mike Mahaney, Joyce Woodson, Tom Chambers, and Mae Camp held forth, with a surprise set from Riders In The Sky, along with video clips from the first gathering which delighted the SRO crowd.

"I love seeing so many kids here playing the music," said Ranger Doug. "It gives me hope that the music and this tradition will go on."

"See you right here in 25 more years," concluded an absurdly optimistic Slimster.

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