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Riders In The Sky celebrate 36 years The Cowboy Way!

Nov 11 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

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Thirty-six years ago today Riders In The Sky was born in a Nashville basement beer joint called Herr Harry's Franks N Steins.

We toted in a fake campfire, a real saguaro cactus, and a saddle. We sang cowboy songs and laughed and cut up until the eight semi-inebriates at the bar at the bar literally fell on the floor. Herr Harry kept ringing his bell at the end of the bar which signaled somethingparticularly hilarious had happened.

We made $25 which we split three ways, each of us pocketing $8 plus 1/3 of a dollar bill which we each carried for twenty years until it disintegrated in our wallets.

Three days later I woke up still laughing at 5:45 AM, and headed to my job as industrial galvanizer.

When I got home from work I called Ranger Doug. "I don't know what happened back there," I said, "but America will pay to see that."

"Well, shall we do it again?" he said. "I'll call the Pickin' Parlor."

And we were off. No turning back. No bailing out of what Woody later called the "steam-powered, cast-iron biplane" which became our career.

Thanks to everybody who's pitched in on this trail drive, everybody who's supported us, everybody who has listened and dreamed along with us of a place where the harmony is sweet, the playing is hot, the emotions are real, life is absolutely serious and not serious at all, and where folks live life "The Cowboy Way."

- Too Slim 11/11/13

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