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Too Slim Two Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut!

Nov 2 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Too Slim Two Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut!

“I knew if I could just hang on long enough, that someday somebody would be me on Halloween,” said Too Slim over a reflective cup of steaming cowboy coffee this morning. "Well, last night my dream came true.”

“I made it all myself,” confided Opry Gift Shop employee and all around fabulous person Liz Fletcher. “Sewed the hat, the shirt, everything. I went for it.”

What about the other Riders? “I had a couple friends who said they’d be Ranger Doug and Woody Paul, but they bailed.”

Too Slim called Too Slim Two out onto the Opry stage for Happy Trails to You, in which Ms. Fletcher proved her savvy theatrical chops, leading the bemused audience in the singing and swaying. 

“When do we do the pose?” she whispered as the Riders turned to leave the stage. “Now,” answered the real Too Slim, and for a brief, shining moment, the Opry spotlight beamed down on five Riders. All Treat. No Tricks.

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