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Ranger Doug’s Guitar Homecoming

Oct 6 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

We played the gorgeous Newberry Opera Housein South Carolina last night, where backstage there’s a wall painting commemorating country recording artist Wesley Tuttle’s appearance there on Nov. 29, 1946.

Ranger Doug’s Gibson guitar belonged to Wesley, and was gifted to the Ranger after Wesley’s passing in 2003 by his widow Marilyn Tuttle, who sang in Wesley’s band in the 1940’s.

RD phoned Marilyn after soundcheck and she “absolutely remembered” the venue and Wesley playing that guitar there. Marilyn, in her 90s and going strong, said it was the beginning of their life together, which lasted through the decades until Wesley’s passing. 

“It’s a homecoming tonight for this guitar,” said Ranger Doug from the stage, as we all contemplated timeless instruments, timeless music, and timeless friendships.

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