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Greetings from The Moffats!

Oct 3 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

The Moffats... well, two of them at least, stopped by The Cowboy Way dressing room this weekend at the Grand Ole Opry. Fans of Riders TNN Christmas specials will remember the Moffats as talented tykes, singing Earl The Christmas Squirrel and portraying Riders as kids in a heartwarming "Christmas Past" episode.

"We flipped when these kids showed up all grown up and playing and singing and writing songs," said a delighted Too Slim. "They've grown up fine."

Turns out the lads have a happening new band Endless Summer. "Our album's just coming out in Canada," the one with the bigger hat said. "We're playing the Opry Plaza tonight. We're actually onstage in 13 minutes."

Hugs exchanged, Facebook referenced, the young whippersnappers headed to their show and we hit the Opry stage. Good luck, lads!

And always remember, Onward!

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