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Daytrotter session now live!

Sep 16 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Riders In The Sky Daytrotter Artwork

The wait is finally over: our Daytrotter.com session is officially out and available for Saddlepal streaming worldwide! Feel free to stream the songs for free via the link below or download the entire session with a $4 subscription to Daytrotter. What a deal!

“These trails - the ones that let you find out where a man's grit and gravy are hidden - are the ones that Nashville legends Riders In The Sky follow with that pull-up-a-stool-let-me-get-you-a-drink attitude,” proclaims Mr. Daytrotter. “The people in their songs find themselves invigorated at the ends of their days, having achieved true fulfillment. They've got purpose. They've got decently warm coffee in their tin cups and they've got their trusty saddle horses between their legs.”

To stream, click the ‘Play Session’ button on the Daytrotter page to open the online player. From there you can click ‘See Queue’ to view and select specific tracks. Happy trails!


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