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Too Slim rescues chicken!

Sep 8 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

"It was truly an existential moment," said Grand Ole Opry star Too Slim of the Grammy winning quartet Riders In The Sky, reflecting on yesterday's dramatic chicken rescue.

"I was waiting for the red light at the corner of 17th and Grand at 4:00 yesterday afternoon, when I saw a chicken running across the road. As I pondered the age-old question of 'Why?' the answer appeared suddenly in the form of two big dogs chasing the hapless hen for all they were worth. The chicken, running for its life, then made a potentially fatal mistake we all have made one time or another: it allowed itself to be cornered. The dogs descended on a bush where the bird had sought refuge, the light turned green, I crossed the intersection, parked my car, shooed away the mutts, grabbed the chicken out of the bush, shoved her into my gym bag and took her home."

"I texted my wife I was bringing home a chicken, and she texted back 'Not to worry, we're having fajitas.' I said 'No, a live chicken.' and she said 'How's that?'"

"So now we have a chicken living in the cat carrier in the garage, happily eating corn on the cob and sunflower seed. I'm supposing it's a hen. It hasn't crowed and it's a pretty mellow chicken."

The chicken's name? "I call her El Gallo de Cielo."

And what about the chicken's future? "Much as I'm growing attached to this chicken, however, I can't help thinking there's somebody out there on Music Row missing a beloved bird. Check out this chicken selfie to see if it's your bird. If anybody claims it I'll be glad to bring it by."

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