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Tweetsie Railroad chocolate artisans create Riders' RV!

Aug 13 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Tweetsie Railraod Chocolate RV

Move Over Wonka! Tweetsie Chocolatiers Render Riders Bus in Chocolate!

Tweetsie Railroad Family Theme Park's legendary chocolate artisans outdid themselves this weekend by creating a scale facsimile of the the Riders storied RV, "Old #13," in chocolate.

"Just like the real thing," commented an obviously delighted Too Slim. "Right down to the chocolate ladder in the back and the chocolate air-conditioner up top."

Attention to detail is the hallmark of Tweetsie chocolate creativity, as evidenced by a pair of legs sticking out from the bottom of the bus, lying in a pool of "oil," (actually, a chocolate slick).

"We've seen Woody Paul's legs sticking out from under the bus a million times, trying to fix the step, change the oil, or just kind of bang on things," said Ranger Doug. "Hats off to Tweetsie for topping themselves one more time!"

Riders wrapped up another great weekend at Tweetsie, in a long string of great weekends. "We can't remember exactly how many years in a row we've been here," said Joey the CPK. "But kids who used to come to the show are bringing THEIR kids now. I guess that says it."

"What can they possibly do next year?" wondered the Slimster. "The Taj Mahal?"

"Can I eat the air conditioner now?" asked Woody.

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