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Fred "Too Slim" LaBour announces new solo album!

Jul 31 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Say No More It's Freddy LaBour

We have an exciting announcement from everyone's favorite face-playing cowboy! Too Slim's debut solo release, Say No More It's Freddy Labour, is now available for purchase! Additionally, there is now an official Too Slim Facebook page: Fred LaBour. See below for more details.

Known to millions as the righteously funny Too Slim of western music icons Riders In The Sky, Say No More It's Freddy LaBour steps out on his own with this quirky collection of original music and, yes, the occasional wacky poem. 

"It's simple, original, funny folk music for simple, original, funny folks," says Mr. Say No More. "Riders fans will hear a couple things they're familiar with, and a lot of new stuff. I was going for the sound of a Donovan or Tom Paxton record from 1965. I think we got it."

"I write all over the map," adds Freddy. "You got your blues, your country, your polka, folk, cowboy, rap. It's entertainment is what it is. It's what you'd see if you came to my live show."

And after forty years up and down the trail entertaining people, how does Mr. Say No More see his place in the show business? "I'm the pickle," he says. "You know, you go into a fine deli and order a sandwich, and you didn't go there for the pickle. You didn't ask for the pickle. You never even think about the pickle. And yet, when your sandwich comes, there it is: the pickle. And it adds something to the meal and you like it. That's me. I give the audience the pickle."

Make sure to visit the official Facebook page as well as order Say No More It's Freddy LaBour from the below locations:

Riders In The Sky Webstore: http://bit.ly/18SbDQJ
CD Baby: http://bit.ly/133eyy5

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