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Hail, Caesar! Character Inspired by Riders In The Sky!

Feb 8 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

You Never Know Who’s Listening Dept:

One thing about Ranger Doug's Classic Cowboy Corral featuring Side Meat, airing three times every weekend on SiriusXM Willie's Roadhouse channel, you never know who’s tuning in.

“I thought we’d hit the jackpot when we got a fan letter from Bill Nye The Science Guy," says Mr. Meat, “and now this. Myah whew! I believe our audience is red-lining the cool meter, if there is such a thing,” he added, before lapsing into his trademark unintelligible gibberish.

Turns out the Coen brothers based a character in their new Hail, Caesar! picture on what they’ve learned from Ranger Doug’s hourlong pastiche of western music, musical history, and show business facts so obscure as to defy belief. Especially the relationship of the Ranger with longtime sidekick Side Meat.

“It informed a lot of my thinking about sidekickdom,” says director Ethan Coen. (see the complete story below)

“Ranger Doug knows everything, and my job is to interrupt and talk gibberish,” comments Meat. “It’s the classic sidekick dynamic, and I’m glad to know the Coen boys picked up on it. The sidekick life is a good life. Just ask Joe Biden. Myah whew! Real sidekick humor there!”

Fans looking to further investigate should consult Too Slim’s splendid little yellow book, “The Sidekick Handbook: How to Unleash Your Inner Second Banana and Find True Happiness."

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