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2017 Shapes Up As Banner Year for Riders In The Sky!

Jan 25 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

The Riders In The Sky vintage "Great Trail Drive" stage banner, lost some 30 years ago, has come back!

Yes, in a startling development, the always observant Ranger Doug noticed the beloved theatrical backdrop backstage at the Olympia Theater, Olympia, Washington last week.

“I was carrying my guitar backstage for a The Time Jumpers gig and there it was, hanging up on the backstage wall. I asked the stage tech and he said ‘You guys left it here at least 20 years ago so we hung it up there. It’s been there ever since.'” 

The Ranger texted Too Slim with the news. “I texted him back,” said the Riders bespectacled bass-plucking jokester, “Holy Mackerel! The original Jay Peterson! Why? How? What the…”

“He said we could have it back,” answered Ranger Doug.

The banner and Riders were reunited in the parking lot of Nashville’s Martin's BBQ Joint. “It’s in perfect shape,” said Riders manager Paul Lohr. “See? Here’s Jay’s signature!” enthused the Slimster.

“I guess it’s going to be a 'banner year,'” said the quick-witted Joey, the Certified Accordion Player. And with that witticism ricocheting off the insides of the Riders skulls, Paul and Too Slim held up the banner for a photograph.

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