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Say No More It's Freddy LaBour CD

Too Slim's wacky solo CD under the obviously fake show business name of Freddy LaBour. Fans of the Riders' bass plucker's humor and skewed vision will share Baxter Black's assessment: "Freddy, there aren't many people who can write funny stuff. You're one of 'em." Original folk music for original people. Tracklist: ASPIRATION BLUES, WHO OFFED HOFFA?, A PRICELESS LESSON, MY LOAD SHIFTED, WHILST DOWNLOADIN’ DURANTE, FATHERS DAY, STILL A LITTLE SNAP IN THE OLD SOUPBONE, PROZAC POLKA, SALTING OF THE SLUG, ALWAYS DRINK UPSTREAM FROM THE HERD, BIG MAC (NOT THE BURGER BUT THE BRIDGE), COWBOYS WHOA!, RIDE WITH ME GRINGO, GARTH DOES DARTH DOES GARTH